The Hypnotic Facial...

hypnotic facial Utilise the untapped energy of your mind to lift and rejuvenate your face!

Our face mirrors the stresses and strains of our life. The Hypnotic facial combines hypnotherapy and facial techniques to transform you at a deeper level, by utilising the untapped energy of your mind to lift and rejuvenate your face.

The facial massage works on the physical levels of the face enhancing your natural beauty.

While stress does have a physical effect on the body, its origin is in the mind. Our body responds to what we tell it if we feel apprehension or anxiety our muscles tighten and feel tense.

The aim of Hypnotic Facial is not to simply target the symptoms of stress, such as the tight muscles but to use hypnotherapy along with the facial technique to work on the thoughts and feelings that influence the body too. This gives you an emotional lift, a general sense of well-being and improved appearance of your face.

How does it work?
When in a hypnotic state the mind is perfectly aware of the surroundings and the situation, but because it is so highly focused, it is able to concentrate on a task without being easily distracted. This enables you to use the session in a more powerful way.

The Hypnotic facial consists of stimulating the senses of touch and hearing through massaging the face or feet. The sense of smell using aromatherapy oils helps you to relax or even recall past memories. Visualization through hypnosis helps you to see what you want to look like etc. All these combined together at the same time give a powerful effect on the mind and body.

What happens during a session?
Whilst resting on a couch your face is massaged, stimulating specific areas of the face such as acupuncture and neurovascular points to activate the energy system of your face and body. At the same time facial hypnotherapy is begun, designed to put you into a deep state of relaxation. This helps you to focus on getting the best out of your treatment, giving you more lasting results.
In this hypnotic state the effects of treatment are more enhanced than just having a regular facial treatment. There is a deeper improvement in your skin, face and general well-being, giving you a more confident, youthful and healthy look.

Facial massage is used to improve the local blood and lymphatic circulation, thereby providing better nutrition to the cells and improved drainage of waste materials from the face.

Muscles and connective tissue are worked on to relax and release tension from the face and to reduce lines and wrinkles, naturally lifting the face.

After treatment you feel relaxed, deep level changes are taking place so you look and feel good.

What are the benefits?